Free laser cutter files

Here are a couple of projects left over from the days when I owned and operated a laser cutter. These files can be used to create a trinket box in 4mm ply and a larger box in 6mm ply.

For the 4mm, I recommend birch ply. For the 6mm, I recommend poplar — I tried 6mm birch in my cutter and it had trouble cutting it. Also, the 6mm birch ply I was able to find wasn’t at all flat, and being strong it was difficult to make a box that sat flat. Poplar ply is a lot lighter than birch, but the large box has enough material in it to give a nice weight.

The 6mm box uses 5mm birch for the hinges for strength. 5mm birch ply may be difficult to come by and you may prefer to adjust the files to use 6mm poplar.

I designed the boxes in SketchUP and used a plugin to flatten faces to make 2d objects which I exported to DXF.

These files are offered “as is” — if they are useful, please enjoy them, if not please delete them. I am not offering any help or support with this free gift.

Download the Laser Cutter files.


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