Electro etching copper pipe with salt water

This is my second attempt at electro etching copper using salt water. This time I used the Silhouette Portrait to cut vinyl masks which worked very well. I used a saturated salt solution of tap water and table salt. Then a 9v PP3 type battery. The battery drained in 30 minutes and I used a second one to complete the job. If I decide to do this again, I’ll use a mains adaptor.


  1. Hello,
    I too tried salt water etching and ended up with some sludge. I was wondering, since you are UK too, if you knew how to properly dispose of it? i did a fair bit so it is ~300g or so.

    Kind regards


    • I tipped the sludge on to the cheapest cat litter I could find. I wasn’t sure what to do next, one of my house mates sent it to landfill. I’m not sure if that is OK or not. Your local recycling centre may know what to do – ours takes paint & solvent, so they do handle some potentially dangerous stuff.

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