Earth Hour, Sound Scape

I’ve been invited to submit a sound recording for a sound scape project for Earth Hour. Sounds from the natural world are requested. I haven’t made outside recordings before and the quality on this isn’t as good as I hoped. Lots to learn, I guess. The sound is water running down the cliff face at Caibwr, with the waves breaking on the beach in the background.

It’s noisy at the start, improves at about 20 seconds in.

Some days, when the weather is just so, the waves pile into the caves and the air bursting out sounds like distant artillery fire (I used to live near an army range). I’d love to record that, perhaps using something more sophisticated than a mobile phone.

I love the name of this place — I think Caibwr is pronounced like Khyber as in Khyber Pass.

Cliff at Caibwr