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NVC: Praise, compliments and gratitude

Marshall Rosenberg considered praise & compliments to be as violent as criticism & insults. Instead, he encourages us to express gratitude. Praise & compliments are often used to manipulate, to reward compliance, just as insults & criticism are used to…

NVC & children

When they first hear about NVC, parents almost inevitably ask if they can use this with their kids. This looks like black belt level stuff to me even though Inbal Kashtan makes it look easy.

The Purpose of NVC

I’m going to post links to some of my favourite NVC resources here. There’s a huge and bewildering choice out there, particularly on YouTube. My intention is to direct people who are fairly new to NVC to useful information.  

Training & practice: reaping the rewards

I noticed something rather lovely on Monday, something that’s been building for several years. I’m effortlessly happy, even in challenging situations. I was happy while waiting to see a vascular consultant about an ancient leg injury that’s limiting my mobility at the…