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3d Printed Printing Press

3d printed printing press

I printed this mini press from the design by the Open Press project. It will print up to about 6cm wide. I plan to do some dry point etching in plastic plates designed for the purpose. I’ll have to wait a few days as the ink & paper I’ll need are on order. This is the most ambitious project I’ve attempted on my 3d printer. Three of the parts took a day each to print.

3d Printed Printing Press
3d Printed Printing Press

First 3D prints

Building blocks, each 5x5x5cm

These are some of my first 3D prints. They are maquettes for a larger piece I’m considering making. If I go ahead with what would be a pretty ambitious work, each of these pieces will be cast in something like concrete or weatherproof plaster and would be around 10x10x10cm. This is intended as a sculptural work which can be rearranged by the viewer. I will include a “planter” which will probably be 20x20x20cm, intended to be planted with fine grass.

I plan to 3D print the moulds for each piece. I’ll use some flexible filament so each casting can be removed from the mould.

Creality Ender 3

Ender 3 Kit

A few weeks ago I bought an Ender 3 3D Printer. This wasn’t my first choice of 2D printer as I was put off by having to assemble it myself. In the end, it wasn’t too difficult and a video on YouTube was very helpful.

Assembled Ender 3

I reckon the Ender 3 makes an excellent first 3D printer, particularly at the very agreeable price of less than UK £200.