Biting off more than I can chew?

My dear friend and house mate Lindajoy died on Good Friday 2016. She was well known in the circle dance community as a dancer, musician and teacher. Another friend is planning a celebration of Lindajoy’s life at Small World Theatre, Cardigan in June.

I want to be able to sing one of LJ’s favourite songs at the celebration which is a tall order as I can’t sing and I gave up trying to learn guitar a couple of years ago. So now I’m hoping to find a guitar teacher to fast track me to being able to play this sweet little song. Recently, I’ve been going to Finding the Voice sessions at Small World which has given me a little confidence in singing. It’s going to be tough.

I don’t know who the performers are here and I’ve no idea what the copyright is. If anyone who reads this can help, I’d be pleased to hear. It may be that the link to the MP3 shouldn’t be here. I’ll take it down if anyone makes a convincing case for being the copyright holder.