Whispering Wind

Some thoughts on ego and narcissism

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts as a layman. I have no psychology qualifications. The English language gained the word ‘ego’ when Freud’s translator didn’t translate the German ‘ich’ into the English ‘I’, using a Greek word instead. In the process some of the simplicity of Freud’s theory was lost. When we say someone has a huge ego, are we saying they have a huge ‘I’, a huge sense of self? I propose the opposite: we are observing someone with a small or weak sense of self.

Open Source GPS Clock

This is a clock with environmental information display I made using an ESP32, a GPS receiver, light sensor and temperature sensor. The code is open source as are the STL files for the 3D printed open frame case. The github project includes a discussion on components I used and some potential alternatives. Find the files at Dual Clock

WT32 Backlight Brightness

I couldn’t find any on-line documentation on controlling the WT32-SC01 backlight brightness so I experimented. After some trial & error I worked out which pin controls the brightness & was able to write a few lines of code to achieve this. As I spent some time doing this I thought I’d publish my code to save others some time. The project is on github