About me

If you’re looking for my paper houses, they are on my Paper Houses page.

I’ve been closely involved with Non-Violent Communication  (NVC) since 2012, and regularly attend practice groups, retreats and camps.

I’m a frustrated poet. I’d love to be able to write more. At the moment, I write when I’m inspired which might be once or twice a year, sometimes less than that. This year, I’m looking for ways into being more productive.

I love to make make things, and I particularly love making things from my own designs. From heavy duty woodwork to delicate jewellery, I’ve learnt to work with many different materials and techniques. In October 2020, after a break of several decades, I took up photography again.

I love to walk in the countryside around my home in south west Wales and I’m nourished by deep and honest conversations with trusted friends.

I live and work in Ceredigion, Wales.