About me

If you’ve landed here looking for my laser cut products, please visit Dragon Powered, my laser cutting site.

If you’re looking for my paper houses, they are on my Paper Houses page.

I love to make make things and I particularly love making things from my own designs. From heavy duty woodwork to delicate jewellery, I’ve learnt to work with many different materials and techniques. At the moment, my focus is on making from my own designs using a laser cutter. I mostly work with birch and poplar ply. I’ve made boxes for jewellery, trinkets and keep sakes, from tiny boxes 7cm square up to large 30cm, three layer jewellery boxes. Most recently, I’ve working on designs for table lamps for low energy mains electricity. And also tiny lanterns in ply and paper for safe LED tea lights.

I’m creating a range of products for weddings which can be customised for each customer. This range will include lanterns, candle stands and other decorations laser cut from ply, paper and card.

All my laser cut work can be found at Dragon Powered.

I’m something of a peacenik. I’ve been closely involved with Non-Violent Communication  (NVC) since 2012 and regularly attend practice groups, retreats and camps.

I love to walk in the countryside around my home in south west Wales and I’m nourished by deep and honest conversations with trusted friends.

I live and work in Pembrokeshire, south west Wales.